Does BJ’s Take EBT (Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Benefits Transfer(EBT)?

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BJs is a well-known wholesaler in the industry that provides a lot of products and focuses on presenting new digital services to the market. 

As a company that focuses on presenting new digital services to the market, it accepts many digital payment methods at its stores.

People can also use EBT to purchase items at these locations. This guide will take you through the process of using EBT payments at its stores. 


EBT is accepted at local BJ’s locations. You can use your EBT card to make purchases from a list of approved products at any BJ’s location. Before you go shopping at BJ’s, be aware that some items cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits and that your EBT card can only be used to purchase certain items. When using an EBT card to purchase products that are not eligible for EBT purchases, the cardholder may face severe fines.


The EBT card may be used to buy items such as dairy goods, cereals, meat products, seeds, non-alcoholic beverages, and other such items. Avoid purchasing warm meals as well as supplements, vitamins, and anything deficient in nutrition.

It is still essential that you be completely informed of your benefits program because it may vary depending on the state in which you reside. 

For example, a total of six states give restaurant meals that may be purchased with an EBT card by a specific set of individuals who meet particular requirements.


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How to Use Food Stamps at BJ’s Wholesale Club

If you want to take advantage of your SNAP benefits, you must have an EBT card and be familiar with your PIN as this will be needed for every transaction.

As a precaution, do not share your PIN with anybody and only use it to complete the transaction once your card has been swiped for payment.

There is no difference between the procedure and that of making a debit card payment; the only distinction is that it can only be used for selected things.

 If you still need to buy anything that isn’t allowed to be purchased with an EBT card, just split the goods and make a new transaction to prevent any confusion.

The usage of EBT cards at BJ’s is quite simple and convenient, and you may use them to buy most groceries at most of BJ’s locations. However, you will need to be a member of their club to use your EBT card at BJ’s.

So simply keep that in mind at all times, and consider if the savings will be worthwhile after taking it into account.  To use your EBT card at Bjs use the following steps:

  1. Once at the checkout counter, you must inform the salesperson that you will be paying with EBT.
  2. They will ask for your card which will be swiped through the card reader machine.
  3. When prompted to enter your pin, input your four-digit code
  4. You may finalize the transaction when you have verified the pricing of your products.

In certain cases, you may be asked to provide a photo id to demonstrate that you are the cardholder. If you do not have enough funds in your account the transaction will not go through and you may have to pay for the items with a different method.

How to Use EBT for Online Payments at BJs

EBT payment is also accepted for purchases made online at BJs. The following are the steps to pay with your EBT card online.

  1. After confirming that the product you selected is eligible for purchase under EBT benefits, add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Have your card in hand and your pin ready. The PIN should be input during the checkout process.
  3. Your SNAP EBT balance will be shown along with any qualifying products in your shopping cart. Keep in mind that your account balance should display a larger amount than the value of a specific item in your cart.

Your receipt will be sent to you through email, and you can also locate it in the history section of your account online. BJ’s does not keep or preserve any of your SNAP benefits information to maintain security. This suggests that orders placed for SNAP EBT will not be delivered or sent the same day they are placed.


Can I Use EBT for In-club or Curbside Pickup?

Yes. But this is only available in some states like Florida and North Carolina. BJ’s wholesale members may take advantage of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits by using an EBT card at the time of checkout on goods that are qualified at purchase, whether you buy online in-club pickup or curbside pickup. 

You may also utilize this service to check your card balance as well as to make payments using other means. Customers who make use of the EBT method of payment benefit from a high level of simplicity and dependability.


What If I Do Not Have Enough Funds on My EBT Card?

If the balance on your EBT card is insufficient to cover the things that you have bought, you may use another method of payment that is accepted at the store. 

Simply inform the cashier that you will be paying for your things using two distinct payment ways and that the remaining items will be handled using the other payment method that you have supplied to them.

Bjs accepts several payment options, which you may use to pay for your purchases. To pay for the remaining items, you may choose between cash, credit cards, and Bjs gift cards, depending on what you have available to you.


If you’re looking to fill your kitchen, fridge, as well as pantry, BJ’s Wholesale Club is the place to go for your grocery shopping.

BJ’s wholesale club shops allow EBT as a mode of payment, which only adds to the ease of shopping at these locations for persons who get SNAP benefits and may use them to purchase grocery items at these locations.

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