Does Big Lots Take EBT (Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Benefits Transfer)

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EBT relies on a broad network of food outlets to reduce hunger and malnutrition among the most underprivileged citizens of the United States.

A large number of consumers choose to use EBT cards to buy things at a lesser price at the supermarket and retail outlets as a result of the shifting economy. One of the stores where people can use EBT to buy items is Big Lots. 

Big Lots accepts EBT and SNAP in a few select locations, as of 2022. Typically, you would have to use EBT/SNAP, Visa/Mastercard/the Big Lots Credit Card/the American Express/Discover/Apple pay as they are just a few of the payment methods that they accept for in-store purchases.

Even so, not all Big Lots locations will accept EBT cards or Visa as a form of payment Checking Big Lots’ official website can tell you whether or not a particular store accepts EBT.

You can find out if a Big Lots in your area accepts SNAP/EBT benefits by using the company’s store locator feature on its website. On this page, you can enter your state and city, or your zip code, in order to locate a Big Lots store near you.

The “Stores Services” part of your store’s page will be visible. If the Big Lots store takes EBT as a form of payment “SNAP/EBT” will be shown in this section. Big Lots reported on their social media that the vast majority of their shops accept EBT benefits. 

However, the company’s statements indicate that they are attempting to comply with state rules and laws to expand the use of EBT in additional locations. There has been no formal announcement as to whether or not EBT may be used for online purchases.


 Does Big Lots Take EBT (Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Benefits Transfer)

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What Kind of Items Can You Purchase at Big Lots Using EBT?

Because SNAP is meant to give additional nourishment to Americans who otherwise would not be able to afford it, only consumables are eligible for reimbursement under the program.

Dairy goods, animal products, bread, and cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables, are among the acceptable foodstuffs that you can buy with your EBT card.

As a result, you may use your EBT card to pay for these things as long as they are within the limits of your EBT balance. Your EBT card will not be accepted for the purchase of any non-food items.

Purchasing items such as toys, furniture, beds, toys, pet food, liquor, tobacco, wine, and cigarettes using your EBT card will be prohibited since these items do not qualify as EBT items. Furthermore, hot meals are not eligible for EBT purchase.


How Can I Make Use of My EBT Card at Big Lots?


Individual states run the SNAP/EBT program, which is financed by the federal government and handled locally by the states. As a result, the method for using your EBT card at various Big Lots locations may vary significantly from state to state, although the following steps are commonly followed:


Check your balance to see how much money you have left on your card by checking your most recent receipt or contacting the number on the back of your card to find out how much money you have left.

  1. Bring your items to the cashier’s line for payment. Make certain that all of the products are qualified for EBT.
  2. Provide the clerk with your EBT card, or scan it at the POS machine.
  3. Your four-digit PIN should be entered into the keypad. Instead of the digits that you are typing, asterisks (****) will appear on the keypad to ensure privacy.
  4. To continue, hit ENTER.
  5. The cashier will input the total amount of the purchase and, if it is right, will push OK/YES.
  6. Following that, you will be given a printed receipt that will include the name and location of the retailer where you made your transaction, the price of your transaction, including your updated EBT balance.


What Do I Need to Do to Be Eligible for a Big Lots EBT?

Big Lots does not have any special EBT qualifying requirements in place. Once you have been approved for the SNAP or EBT program, you will be able to buy things at any Big Lots location that takes EBT.

According to federal rules, a household should meet all three of the following requirements in able to qualify for SNAP benefits:

  • First and foremost, the household’s total income should be at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty level before deduction.
  • The family’s income net income must be equal to or less than the poverty threshold.
  • A household’s assets have to be less than $2500 if there are no disabled persons in the family. If a member has a handicap, his or her assets should be less than $3,750.


How Long Will I Be Able to Use My EBT Card at Big Lots?

If your EBT card is still active, you will be able to use it at Big Lots for an extended period until the certification period is over.

The certification period is the time during which your SNAP case is active and you are eligible to receive benefits under the program.

The certification term varies depending on the circumstances of the home, and it might be anywhere from 6 months to 12 months or 24 months at times.

If you wish to avoid having your benefits terminated, you should apply for recertification 15 days in advance.


Does Big Lots Take EBT from out-of-state Customers?

Big Lots will take your EBT if you are traveling out of state during the periods when you are on the road and under certain conditions.

However, if you have relocated to a new state, you may choose to terminate the EBT benefits that you now have in your previous state and start over in the new state that you have relocated to.


Big Lots takes EBT at almost all of its locations where eligible products are stocked in accordance with the SNAP regulations.

However, the company is aiming to expand the number of locations that are compatible with the EBT/SNAP requirements to reach a greater number of individuals.

Moreover, the company’s website may be used to find out which Big Lots stores take EBT benefits. Big Lots has not communicated if EBT is accepted for online purchases or not. 

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