Coach Outlet Online Item Order Return Policy Guide ( Everything You Need To Know)

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Luxury accessories are not only difficult to come by, but they are also difficult to purchase! People hope to obtain the greatest luxury products possible and do not intend to return any of these items.

 Coach Outlet is a premium accessory store that a lot of people purchase things from today. However, not a lot is known about their online order return policy.

We are here to share with you all everything you need to know about their return policy at Coach Outlet stores.

Coach Outlet has a 30-day online order item return policy. In accordance with this return policy, consumers may return products within 30 days of the day they were purchased. Coach Outlet provides high-end products, and as such, the things you get from them must be in the exact state as when you received them, with no signs of wear or tear of any kind.

Coach Outlet also has a 14-day return policy. This policy applies to any of the products that are sold during promotional sales or clearance. 

Therefore, if any of the products were acquired during this time, make sure to have them returned before the 14 days elapses or they will not be eligible for a return. 

Company Name Coach Outlet 
Return Time Limit 30 Days Order Return Policy

14 Days for Items Purchased on Sale or Clearance

Refund Processing Time Within 5 to 7 days
Original Packaging Coach Outlet Original Packaging Required
Coach Outlet  Return Exception Items Missing Original Label
Order Return Label or Tag Coach Outlet  Order Return Tag or Label Required
Return Shipping Costs 15% restocking fee



How to Return an Item to Coach Outlet?

Coach Outlet has a separate return policy for online and in-store returns, and you may return the items to the location of your choice with no additional fees. 

Also, make sure to check that the items you have bought are not damaged or worn out and that they are in the same condition as when you received them. Regardless of whether you purchased your item online or at a Coach Outlet shop, the brand provides two options for returning any product.

  1. In-person
  2. Via Mail


The Coach Outlet store return policy will enable you to return the items via its retail locations or by mail; nevertheless, you should keep in mind the following factors to make the process easier:

  • If you want to return your items to a retailer, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation with you.
  • Coach Outlet will only accept items that have not been used, so make sure to handle the products with care.
  • Coach outlet will not accept returns or refunds for goods that have been personalized or altered.


To return your products to the Coach Outlet, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the Coach Outlet website to find the location of your local Coach Outlet store
  2. Return the items to the Coach Outlet shop closest to you 
  3. Inform the Coach Outlet store employee of your return and provide them with the following information:
  4. Customer service will assist you with the return of your product.
  5. Once your Coach Outlet merchandise has been acknowledged, you will get an email confirming your refund and return confirmation.

Return by Mail

If you do not want to leave your own home to return your merchandise, there is an option to return the products through the mail by sending them to the company. Generally, when a Coach Outlet sends your products to you, a return form is included in the package. Therefore to return your product:

  1. First, fill and complete the return form and include it when sending back the product. 
  2. Complete and send this Coach Outlet return form, and include it when you are sending your product. 
  3. Once you have completed all of the necessary information, print the mailing return label. It is possible for you to return the merchandise via UPS delivery. 
  4. Send your merchandise to the Coach Outlet store. 

How to Get a Refund?

In the majority of circumstances, you will get prompt reimbursements; however, if you do not receive refunds immediately, you must call your financial institution for more details. Once return shipping expenses have been deducted from your refund, you will receive a credit to your debit or credit card. 

The Coach Outlet will subtract the shipping costs from the amount of the refund you get. If you paid by cash, a refund is given instantly in the form of cash. 

As per Coach Outlet, if you intend to return things and receive a refund in the initial mode of payment without providing a receipt, you must mail the item together with an order receipt.

If you return items without a receipt, you will be eligible for an exchange and not a full refund. 

If you purchased your items using Klarna, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return them to Coach Outlet.

The firm does not provide refunds when you pay using one of these methods, but you’ll get product credit that can be used against a future purchase.

What Is Coach Outlet s Deadline For Refunds?

Coach Outlet will refund the entire purchase price of any products returned within 30 days timeline for the policy. Therefore, if you want a refund, make sure to have all the items returned within this period.

 For any of the products that were purchased during sales, clearance as well as other promotions, the deadline is 14 days from the day you get your items. 

Items must be in an original or unused state and must not have been changed in any manner in order to be accepted by the organization. Please keep in mind that you will be required to submit the original receipt in order to return the item.


As a general guide, there is a 30-day return policy for online orders at Coach Outlet. Consumers have 30 days from the date of purchase to return products under this return policy. If you buy something from Coach Outlet, it must be in the same condition it was when you received it, with no signs of wear or tear.

Coach Outlet is one of the popular companies offering several products and accessories. The return policy is 30 days, indicating that each product should be returned within those 30 days after you receive them. For any items bought during sales, Coach Outlet offers 14 days to return them.

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