Black and Decker Warranty: Everything You Need to Know

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Black and Decker is a brand of power tools that are owned by the Milwaukee Company. The company has a warranty on its product line that covers parts and labor for a limited time for their valued customers.

In this guide, I will share with you everything you need to know about the Black and Decker warranty.

As a general guide, Black and Decker have a 5-year warranty. The Black and Decker Company warranty depends on what item you have purchased. Heavy-duty cement mixers have up to 5 years warranty while hand tools like grinders, drills, and planners have 1-5 years.

How to Warranty My Tool?

To warranty your Black + decker tool, you will have to visit a Black and Decker service that is close to you.

Once you get to the service center, a Service Technician will inspect the product for any faults caused by defective materials or workmanship to determine whether or not the tool is covered by the warranty. 

Proof of purchase may be requested. They will also check for the manufacturing date, which will help them in determining whether or not your tool is covered by a warranty.

To easily find a service center, you can visit the Black and Decker website and go to the ”find a service center’ page which is under the support section of the page. 

Differences Between Extended Warranty and Manufacturers Warranty

The main difference between the extended warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty is that the latter covers only certain problems with the items.

On the other hand, the former covers issues with the mechanical or electrical parts of the items that are not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.

Black and Decker, don’t provide extended warranties in addition to the offered manufacturer’s warranty. 

Extended warranties are often bought through the retailer where the item was bought, the credit card company that made the transaction, or, in certain cases, straight from an aftermarket extended warranty provider.

What Is Covered Under the Item Warranty

Black and Decker covers for the damages and repairs that were present went the item was delivered to you.

However, it does not cover any intentional damage, abuse as well as repairs performed on the item. Therefore, if you try to make any unauthorized repair on the items, you will void the warranty.

Only Black and Decker authorized personnel is allowed to make repairs on any Black and Decker items if you do not want to nullify the warranty. 

How to Get Service Under the Warranty

If you want to get service under the warranty, you first need to locate a Black and Decker authorized service center or facility closest to you. You may find the service center through the support page on the official website. 

You must visit an authorized service facility with a Black and Decker item plus a valid claim. You will also be responsible for transporting the faulty Item and for collecting it when the servicing under this Warranty has been completed.

If you want assistance in troubleshooting a defective product, make sure to contact the Black & Decker helpline.

Brand-trained experts can either lead you through the whole process or guide you on whether or not you need to bring it in for repair at your expense. 

What Are the Exclusions From Coverage

There are several exceptions to the warranty coverage. If the item has been exposed to overuse or negligence, or if it has been damaged by foreign bodies, chemicals, or mishaps, the warranty will not be valid.

Furthermore, items that are regarded as consumables such as lawnmower blades, drill bits as well as other tool accessories aren’t covered by the warranty. 

How to Start an Online Warranty Repair Claim

Starting an online warranty repair claim is very easy. The procedure can be started by simply going to the Black and Decker website. Once on the Black and Decker official website

Specifically, this option is only available for warranty and chargeable repairs of specific tools and items that have a certified repair fee that does not exceed the Factory Overhaul repair cost.

Batteries, chargers, as well as other accessories, should not be sent because the repair service is not available for such items. 

Huge tools, such as lawnmowers, heavy compressors, saws, and other similar items, are ineligible for this program.

Furthermore, this service is only available to consumers who live in the United States of America (all 50 states and the District of Columbia).

Before sending the package, you should print out the confirmation that you got. This should be included in the box you are sending your tool in. 

Make sure to pack the tool safely and securely to ensure that it is not damaged in transit. You should make sure to use packaging materials that are specifically designed for shipping items. 

Drop off your tool at any of the 20,000 UPS-approved drop-off sites nationwide. To discover the closest location, please visit this page.

It will take between 7 and 10 working days for your shipment to arrive and be processed once it has been dispatched by UPS.

What Warranty Does My Black and Decker (Battery-Powered) (Outdoor) Tool Have?

The warranty that Black and Decker’s items have are different depending on the item that you have purchased.

For example, 20V outdoor tools have a warranty of 2 years. Other Black and Decker items have a warranty of three years whereas other items like heavy cement mixers have a 4 -5 year warranty.

The warranty is nullified if the failure of the tool is caused by intentional damage, abuse, or unauthorized repair attempts. 

Who Do I Contact If I Have an Extended Warranty for My Black and Decker Tool.

If you have an extended warranty on any of Black and Decker items, you will have to contact the party that is in charge of that extended warranty. Black and Decker does not offer extended warranties for the items.


Black and Decker’s warranty ranges from 1 to 5 years. The warranty provided by Black and Decker depends on the product purchased. Heavy-duty cement mixers are warrantied for up to 5 years.

Whereas hand tools such as grinders, drills, and planners are warranted one to five years. This covers parts and labor for any product that is purchased from an authorized dealer.

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