Does Popeye’s Take Apple Pay?

From its inception in 1972, Popeye’s has been a worldwide fried chicken fast-food chain dedicated to providing fried chicken. If you own an iPhone, you might be wondering if Popeye’s takes apple pay as a payment option. Here’s all you need to know about Popeye’s and Apple Pay.

Yes, Popeyes accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in the restaurant and through the app. Before you pay for your orders with Apple Pay, you must first inform Popeye’s employee who is handling your purchase at the counter that you want to pay with Apple Pay.

Next, on your Apple device, launch the Wallet application. Tap on your primary card to pick a new one if you wish to change it; if you don’t, you may simply go to the next stage, which is validating your card, without stopping. Double-clicking the power button activates the Face ID scanner on your smartphone. Enter your passcode if you are unable to use your Face ID. Alternatively, you may also use your touch ID by pressing and holding your finger on the home button. 

Next, place your iPhone on top or close to the reader for the transaction to be completed. Simply wait until you see a checkmark and the word “Done” to confirm that the transaction is completed. 


How to Use Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners will be able to pay for their meals at Popeye’s using their smartwatches. Follow the instructions outlined below! 

Double click the side button on your watch. Then select the credit card that you want to use. After that, position your Apple watch near the POS scanner to ensure that your Apple payment is verified. When you hear a beeping sound, it means that the transaction has been completed.

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Can You Use Apple Pay Online?

You may order your meal from the comfort of your own home with Popeye’s mobile application. Here, apple pay can also be used to pay for orders. If you would like to pay through apple pay, follow the steps below to complete your transaction.

Once you have put your orders in the shopping cart, select apple pay as your form of payment. Choose the card that you want to use. You may keep clicking the following button until you get to the card you want to use. Clicking the expand button will allow you to view all your cards at once.

Fill in your information if it is required. In most cases, if you have input the information previously, Apple Pay will save it for you. This includes any information like shipping details, contact details, and billing information. Finally, confirm the transaction. You may use your face ID or Touch ID. 


Can I Get Cashback By Using Apple Pay?

Using the Apple Pay Card and having it accepted by merchants can entitle you to Apple Cash Back rebates if you meet the requirements. There are no transactional restrictions for the cashback, and you may earn it several times as you want as long as you keep buying things. Each purchase has the potential to earn you up to 3 percent cashback. Check out the Apple website for the most up-to-date terms of service.

In most cases, clients who use Apple Pay may receive cashback for each transaction they make using the card. It is possible to verify your qualification for cashback on the official Apple Website. Using the Apple Pay Card is highly advised if you are a frequent buyer of these benefits since you may have a lot of savings over a long period. 


Why Use Apple Pay at Popeye’s?

Both Apple and Popeye’s have been cooperating to make it as simple as possible for clients to complete seamless transactions.

By adding your debit card to your Apple Pay account, you may save money while enjoying the convenience of one-click purchasing. Apple Pay is very safe, and it eliminates the need to carry about a bunch of credit and debit cards. Furthermore, Apple Pay is exceptionally safe since your debit/credit card information is never kept on Apple’s servers.

Each time you pay through Apple Pay, the app generates a new token, which prevents retailers from obtaining your card data in the process. This implies that when you use this method of payment, it is almost difficult for your card to be compromised by hackers.


Other Payment Methods Accepted at Popeye’s

In addition to taking Apple Pay in-store and through their app, Popeye’s takes a variety of other payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, gift cards as well as coupons. In addition to that, they also offer a rewards program that you can enroll in to earn points for every transaction you make with them.

The points may be exchanged for a variety of food items at your discretion. In addition to Apple Pay and the other payment options above, they also take cash, which must be given directly to the cashier upon arrival. They have also just begun accepting payments via PayPal. 


Does Apple Pay Have a Spending Limit When Paying Through Apple Pay

When using Apple Pay at Popeye’s, there are no spending restrictions. Some stores, however, may have a maximum spending restriction of $100; nevertheless, this is a sum that is unlikely to be reached at Popeye’s. You may always ask a representative of Popeye’s store, but it is doubtful that any restaurant will impose a spending restriction on Apple Pay consumers at any time.



Popeye’s accepts a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay. As a result, if you want to get a Popeye’s meal, you will be able to pay for it using Apple Pay without any difficulty or hassles with credit cards or cash. Apple Pay may be used for both online and in-store purchases on the Apple website.


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