Does Amazon Fresh Take EBT?

When it comes to shopping for groceries, Amazon Fresh is often a fantastic option because they provide grocery delivery. You may be wondering whether you can use your EBT card at Amazon if you have a SNAP benefits card. Amazon does not currently accept EBT cards.

As a general guide, Amazon Fresh accepts EBT cards for payment. However, not everything is eligible, and not all states are included in the context.

Once your EBT card is uploaded to the account, you will have access to Amazon Fresh’s list of items allowed for purchase as long as you reside in a state that is a participant in the SNAP/EBT program, and you will also enjoy free delivery on purchases that are more than $35 in value.

How to Use SNAP/EBT on Amazon

Before you can begin purchasing with your SNAP or EBT benefits on Amazon, you must complete a few steps to verify your eligibility.

Before you can do anything else, your food stamps electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card must be linked to your Amazon account. You must complete the following steps to link your SNAP or EBT card to your Amazon account:

  1. Start by logging in to your Amazon account. You can use the web browser or mobile application.
  2. Go to the upper right-hand corner of the website, where it says “Account,” and click there.
  3. Once you’ve selected this area by clicking on it, move to the “My Account” section and choose the account name.
  4. Selecting this takes you to a new screen that has several choices. Select “Your Payments” from the menu.
  5. After that, add a new card to your account. You’ll have the option to add a new card to your account.

After completing the procedures outlined above, proceed to enter the information from your EBT card into the payment entry and then save the payment details. This will store the card in your account so that you may use it whenever you want without having to do anything else.

When you go to the checkout page for your purchase, you will be able to pay for the products that are eligible to be covered by entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is associated with your EBT card.

Which states are eligible to use their EBT cards on Amazon?

Besides Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Montana, you may use your EBT card to shop on Amazon in all states. If you live in one of these four states, you won’t be able to choose EBT as a payment option on Amazon since it’s not available in those states.

This may require you to switch to a new site for online grocery shopping, or it could only mean purchasing any specialty goods that aren’t covered by EBT on In any case, to complete the checkout process on Amazon for your food purchases, you will need a different sort of credit card.

Although Amazon has just begun accepting SNAP EBT payments as part of a pilot program being administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this feature is not yet accessible in all of the states around the nation.

In addition, it seems that there is no information on when these four states will begin allowing EBT to be used as a payment method on Amazon.


Can You Buy EBT and Non-EBT Items in the Same Order?

You may buy EBT and non-EBT products in the same Amazon transaction and divide the payments between your EBT card as well as other payment options on your account.

When using EBT, buying on Amazon is functionally equivalent to shopping at any other food store. You may use your EBT card to make payments for SNAP/EBT qualified products, and you can use a credit or debit card to make payments for anything else.

You may also use the balance on your Amazon gift card to pay for products in your purchase that are not eligible for EBT. Make sure to take into account that if your order includes both EBT-eligible and non-eligible products, you must add a second payment method to complete the transaction.

SNAP/EBT Eligible Items on Amazon Fresh

If you are using SNAP or EBT to purchase on Amazon, and you are knowledgeable of which things are eligible, you won’t have to pay more for any of your products when you check out since you won’t be paying for any of them separately.

Gatorade, Oreo, planters, pure protein, pop-tarts, and Welch’s are just some of the well-known brands that are eligible for purchase with EBT. Other brands covered include planters and pop-tarts.

When you go to the store using your EBT card, you don’t need to be concerned about not being able to purchase the things you want because there are so many possibilities.

Amazon makes it a point to provide a wide selection of its products along with the ability to pay with EBT to make its platform more accessible to customers of varying financial means.

Ineligible Items for Purchase at Amazon Fresh

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card should only be used to purchase eligible food products on Amazon.

If you are purchasing products that are not covered by SNAP/EBT benefits, you will not be able to pay with your EBT card. There are several items that you cannot buy with your EBT card at Amazon Fresh. Examples of such items include

  • Non-grocery items like home decor, technology as well as clothing
  • Household items like napkins, toilet paper as well as napkins.
  • Vitamins and other supplements
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Pet food 
  • Alcoholic drinks

If you are unable to purchase a product with EBT at a grocery store, then it is also unlikely that you will be able to do so on All shops are required to comply with the USDA requirements for products to be eligible for purchase with SNAP or EBT.


If you are qualified to use SNAP or EBT, you can take advantage of many incentives offered by Amazon when you pay with your EBT card to make a purchase.

To view all of the deals that are offered to you on Amazon, you must first authenticate your identity as well as register your EBT card before you can access your benefits. When placing your order, bear in mind that third parties such as Whole Foods Marketplace do not take EBT cards.

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