Adidas Online Order Item Return Policy ( Adidas Order Return & Exchange Policy Guide 2022 )

Adidas offers 60 days to return or exchange ordered items. When you place an online order with Adidas, you have 60 days to return or exchange the product. If you order online, you must login into your account to start the item return order or you must have the original receipt from a store purchase.

As long as you have proof of purchase within the 14-60 days, Adidas will accept your return or exchange anytime within 60 days of purchase. Merchandise must be returned in unused condition with all tags attached.

In addition, the YEEZY collection and other hype items from Adidas have a shorter return policy of only 14 days. During checkout, they highlight the few products that aren’t covered by their standard 60-day return policy.

Adidas is one of the top retailers in the world, with a significant number of individuals buying their items online. Adidas provides you with the option to return a product if you feel it is unworthy or has a problem. 

But before that, it’s crucial to know what their return policy states as well as the conditions for returning products. In this guide, we will cover all of the relevant requirements in connection to Adidas’s online item return policy.

Adidas provides several means for consumers to be satisfied, one of which is via their return policy. Adidas’s return policy gives a 60-day return period on all purchases made on, except customized apparel. Store purchases have the same return policy as online purchases, although the length of time may differ. 

 If you return your goods within this time frame, you will be entitled to a full refund. Adidas’ return policy further stipulates that the goods should be returned in their original condition to be eligible for a refund. All Adidas returns must also match the requirements outlined below to get a refund: 

  • You should return the package to the sender from inside the borders of the United States.
  • Any should that you are returning should be sent back in its original box
  • For items like Yeezy, you should make sure to return them within 14 days. 

Adidas also has an extended return time frame for holidays. For example, goods that are bought between the 16th of November and the 1st of January may be returned within 60 days after the date of delivery.

Company Name Adidas
Return Time Limit 60 Days Order Return Policy

14 Days for Hype Items (e.g. Yeezy)

Refund Processing Time Within 7 to 10 Days Of Claim Date
Original Packaging Adidas Original Packaging Required
Adidas Return Exception Customized items

Face Masks

Adidas items bought from other sellers

Order Return Label or Tag Adidas Order Return Tag or Label Required
Return Shipping Costs Free If Product Is in Original Packaging


How to Return an Item to Adidas?

Adidas’ return policy is straightforward, with just two options for returning items. The first process is to mail the product back to the Adidas facilities, and the second process is to visit your local Adidas shop to complete the return.

Adidas Return Policy for Orders Placed Online

You may either return your original, unused Adidas online purchase to an Adidas retail shop or mail the item straight back to Adidas’s warehouse and distribution center. If you do not want to return the things in person, follow the procedures below to have them sent back to us.

  1. Log into your account and choose Order History from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the product you want to return
  3. Provide a justification for the return and indicate how you would want your refund to be processed. 
  4. Adidas will then email you a return label so that you can ship your products back to them. You have the option of printing this label or saving the FedEx return QR code or label to your mobile device.
  5. All return products should be packaged and sealed in the original shipping packaging or any other packaging that you have handy.
  6. Paste your return label on top of the existing delivery label, or you may present the stored return FedEx QR code when dropping off your package at the FedEx facility.
  7. Deliver your parcel to a FedEx return drop-off station that is close by. 

It is also possible to return your Adidas products for a cash refund at any Adidas shop situated in the United States if you bought them at a real Adidas store in the first place. Just ensure that you save your receipt since you will need it later, and you can see the return policy for that particular product on the backside of the receipt. If you meet all of the requirements of the Adidas return policy, the personnel will assist you in initiating a return.


How to Get a Refund?

After your return package has been received by the Adidas center, it might take up to 21 days for your return to be fully processed. Throughout this period, they will conduct a thorough quality examination of each product before processing your refund request. Following the acceptance of your refund, you will get your refund money in the form of the original method of payment within 10 working days. 


If you bought the item with a gift card, you will get a new digital gift card in the mail as a reimbursement for your purchase. Keep in mind that the return policy does not include any reimbursements for delivery expenses or seasonal fees.


What Is Adidas Deadline For Returns?

The deadline for returning items to Adidas is 60 days from when you get your item. Hence, if you would like to return any item you have to do in these 0 days. Items like Yeezeys, however, should be returned within 7 days.

Adidas now offers an extended return period for purchases placed between 16th November and 11th January, inclusive. For any purchases placed between these dates, the usual Adidas return policy timeframe of 30 days is prolonged to 60 days from the date of receipt, instead of the regular 30 days.

Any customized items are non-returnable because they are made particularly for you. Face coverings are non-returnable and non-exchangeable due to health and safety concerns. Furthermore, Adidas does not accept returns on any item that you buy from sellers other than or the Adidas Store.



Adidas’ regular return policy specifies a 60-day return time for the majority of Adidas products (except for the items indicated in the non-returnable area). You may return products made online either by mail or in person at an Adidas retail shop near you. Please keep in mind that refunds are not available on shipping expenses or seasonal surcharges incurred. Adidas also offers a 60-day free-size exchange policy if the clothing does not fit properly.

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